Why Now


Time passes quickly...

Before you know it you have amassed a rich life filled with memories of your unique life journey. You've lived a life that no one has ever lived before or will to come. It is yours alone and only you can truly tell the stories and memories you have about it. 

Your life is an integral part of your family's history. 

By deciding to make your Personal History Video, you will be making a wonderful and loving gift for your family today and for generations to come. You will have made the decision to share your life story, as only you can - in your own words, through your own eyes, as you lived it. You are capturing your precious memories now, so that they may never fade away. You are doing a remarkable thing! 

You are creating a timeless "living legacy" for them. They will always be able to see and hear you as you truly are, as you share the story... 

So contact us and let's get started today!

YOUR Personal History Video