At About Your Life we designed our Personal History Video for everyone. Please take a moment to read the following questions to see how you or a loved one might just be someone we can serve.

Are you someone with an urgent circumstance in your life which makes your story and messages to your loved ones more important to capture now, so that your legacy is theirs to always have and to pass on? 

Are you a family member who has a loved one whose life stories you want to always have to cherish?

Are you someone who has lived through events in your life that stand out to you? Maybe ones of true significance personally or historically that you feel are important for you to tell?

Are you someone whose life's journey included serving your country, state or community? Are you a veteran, a fire fighter, a policeman, of any age, whose stories you want to share so that this important part of your life may be known and not forgotten? Someone who wants to share these stories within the context of your life as a whole?

Are you someone, like all of us, whose life is filled with stories and memories, precious to you, that you realize will become a part of your living legacy for your family to have now and for your future family to always have as a part of their ancestral heritage?

Are you someone who wants to pay tribute to a loved one, who has passed on, whose life touched yours in ways you will never forget and whose memory you never want forgotten?

Are you a parent who wants to capture significant events in your children’s lives as they grew from their first words to where they are today, so that you can always treasure them? What would it be like for you to chronicle those memories … those touching, funny, exciting, hair raising, pride filled, adventures, misadventures, achievements … those collection of moments and times that made them the special light of your life that they are to you?

Whether you want to give this extraordinary personal history video as a gift for a loved one to do or you want to do one yourself as a gift to your family, you can rest assured that there will be nothing to match it's remarkable effect on your family now as well as on generations to come. 

You will always have the story About YOUR  LIFE and how it began together on that most special day!

Ask about our beautiful video options today.


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