Congratulations! You have made a loving decision to share the story of About YOUR Life!


There are many reasons people choose to do an About Your Life Personal History Video.



Millie W. decided to share about her life because she said, "My children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations will now actually be able to always see and hear me share my story!"


About Your Life has been designed to be an easy to follow step-by-step process, so that anyone may feel confident preparing to make their personal history video and have fun while they are being videotaped. So many are surprised at what they are able to remember - long forgotten memories that come to mind that are so precious to them. 


Kevin V. said, "I was so impressed at how easy the steps are to follow and how well written the guidelines were. I wasn't sure at first that I could do this, but after using the steps, I was confident. As a result, I actually had fun reminiscing with friends and family. I remembered things I hadn't thought about in a long time. By the time it came to videotape my story, I was excited about what I was able to share for my family and future generations to come."


Beth M. told us, "I never thought I would be comfortable, let alone confident, sharing my stories in front of a video camera, but the videographer put me at ease right away. I had my notes to put on the white board so that if I felt I was getting off track, I could look at them. But because I had already prepared at home, I knew exactly what was important for me to share with my family. I found it to be a wonderful experience!"


Michael R. was excited to share his story and he said, "Having come from Germany at the age of nine, I wanted to share my childhood years growing up with family. There is so much heritage and stories to tell, that I was glad that I found an affordable and very professional organization like About Your Life that was able to help me create my personal history video. The entire process from beginning to the end product of having received the final DVD with not only me telling the stories, but being able to put my photos in such a beautiful montage with music was breath taking to see. It's very sentimental and I'm so happy that I have something that I can leave for generations to come, long after I'm gone."


What is most important to us at About Your Life is that people's histories and messages of love as well as words of wisdom and encouragement are not lost to future generations. It is happening every day. Future generations are being left without a real sense of their heritage.


​"Documenting the history of the world one person at a time" is our our company slogan, but most importantly it's our commitment to those future generations! One person's life journey leaves an indelible mark on not just family and friends, but in a larger sense the world. You see, who you are, where you have been and what you have done is very important to capture. By deciding to do an About Your Life Personal History Video, you are insuring that your important journey is never forgotten. 


Aubrie R. said, "If only I could have seen and heard my great grandmother. Everyone tells me how wonderful she truly was, but I will never know who she was for myself. I wish she could have done a video for me to always have."


Shirley H. shared, "My grandfather had so many stories that he shared with me. He was a remarkable man. I only wish I had known about this before he passed. It would mean the world to me if my children and grandchildren could have seen him tell all those wonderful stories."




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