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Your Life story is as unique as you are. It is YOUR LIFE through your eyes as only you can tell it. As you tell each story, YOUR Personal Hisotry video has been designed to capture you speaking in the same relaxed manner you would with family and friends. Just imagine what it would be like if they were right there with you. As they see you and hear you share your life in your video, in a sense, they will be.  About Your Life how it works. About Your Life personal history videos.


ABOUT  YOUR  LIFE'S unique system, for the preparation and videotaping of its signature Personal History Videos, was developed to make it easy, fun, and memorable. We took an innovative approach, towards what started out as a novel idea, and created a system that has never been done in the marketplace before.

​Through extensive research, we looked closely as to what makes up the story of one's life and how best that story could be captured on video. We looked at the spectrum of influential people, places, events and times that most impact the journey of one's life and how to fully support anyone in sharing about those things.

Additionally, we looked at what special messages one might want to share with loved ones that they may or may not have had the opportunity to share before but that they would want them to always remember. We also looked at how one might want to share about their ancestors, children and friends as well as how one may want to pay tribute to someone in their life who has passed.

​What resulted was a step-by-step process designed to be comprehensive yet easy to follow. The system was ultimately created, so that you may truly be the designer of your own Personal History Video that reflects your unique story in a way that is as unique as you are - the story About Your Life. In order to do this, you are completely supported with invaluable preparation tools prior to your videotaping as well as equally valuable tools to use while you are being videotaped.

This system works with incredible results, when the simple steps are followed and the tools provided are employed. By using this process, we are confident you will have a meaningful, well thought through and beautiful Personal History Video that you will be proud to share and that will be cherished by your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the generations to come.

We are so committed to you and your family that you may preserve your part of your family's heritage, we made our Personal History Videos ver affordable. Our commitment extends to making them affordable to anyone!

The Basic Personal History Video - It is 80 minutes in duration and is divided into Topics. There is a wide array of Topics to choose from and you may choose as many as you wish. When videotaped, you will share one Topic at a time so that your edited video will be in segments and will flow in the order in which your video was filmed. 

​The Premium Personal History Video - It includes up to 25 photos with captions accompanied by your favorite song. This feature gives an even greater sense of your family heritage.

To make it even easier for you to preserve your family history and to ensure you can make your Personal History Video, rather than paying all at once, we offer a payment installment plan. Our experience has shown, that by working with our customers in this way, they appreciate that our commitment to serve them is very real and that their heritage can truly be preserved!

It also makes a great gift - a gift that your loved one will never have received from anyone else One that will last for generations to come. 

Together, when we are done, we will have captured a living memoir of your life. 

You will have begun to create your family's living family tree

They will always have the story...


YOUR Personal History Video