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Our Mission

Precious family histories are being lost every day.

Our mission and our passion is to keep those rich and important family histories alive in a real and living way through our signature Personal History Videos. We are so committed to doing it that we worked very hard at designing our revolutionary system. It is our desire that virtually anyone can afford to do one, so we can truly "Document the history of the world one person at a time."

What about you and your history? Have you ever stopped and realized that you are an important part of your family's heritage?

People are so hungry to piece their heritage together that Ancestry.com ® was created. What it lacks, however, behind the census data and photos, are the stories of past family members. What were their dreams, struggles, triumphs...? What was life like when they grew up? What did they believe and why? What stories would they have told about their children, parents and grandparents? What would they have sounded and acted like as they shared their most cherished stories?

You don't have to let your history become silent, lifeless data and photos. With your About Your Life Personal History Video, you can keep your history alive!

​Contact us today so that together, we can preserve your part of your family's heritage. It's time to share the story About Your Life, so that it may never be lost!

After all, it is... 

YOUR Personal History Video